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SPID Senior Phase

Curriculum for SPID Senior Phase at Via Nova School

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Principal: Ms EJ Sarpong

Phases: 5

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SPID Phase Topics for quarter 3

Life skills themes for quarter 3 2019

  • Week 1 – Dolphins and whales
  • Week 2 – Sharks
  • Week 3 – Sea turtles
  • Week 4 – Penguins
  • Week 5 – 6 Dinosaurs
  • Week 7 – 8 Space
  • Week 9 – 10 Shadows

Assessment goals for Term 3 2019


Recognize, identify and read number symbols 1-8, Semi-concrete with picture cards and number cards, Reinforce the knowledge gained, Trace, colour, copy and write number symbols incidentally.  Recognize and identify 3D objects in the classroom, Recognizesymmetryinbodyandshapes, Identify whole numbers, Compare which of the two given collection of objects are: Small and big, Most and least, First to last, Equal, Position objects from first to last in a line, Introduction to half using concrete objects, Use concrete objects to solve problems involving addition and subtraction with answers up to 8

Practically solve problems involving sharing with concrete objects equally amongst the 8 learners, Practically solve problems involving grouping with concrete objects up to 8, Collectandsortatleast5objectspersizeandcolor, The position of one object in relation to another e.g. on top of, in front of, behind, up, down, next to,  Recognition of South African Rand R1, R2, R5, Identify similarities and differences between coins e.g. sort play money per amount, Use concrete apparatus e.g. Counters and physical number ladder, Doubling and halving , Passing of time, Talk about things that happen duringSeasonal changes, Use of concrete apparatus e.g. counters, Number lines , Identifyandnametwo-dimensionalshapes

Home Language:

Listen tosimplestories,songs andactionrhymes.  Followinstructionswithsupport.  Classifyandcompareobjects.  Participateindiscussions. Developauditorydiscrimination, Developauditoryperception, Recognizeandusesightwords, Recognize ownnameandnames ofpeers, Recognizeletter-soundrelationship(f), Recognizeandidentifywordsthatendon ff sound, Recognizeandusesightwords,  Read picture books, rhymes,bigbooks,posterswiththeteacher Participateinpre-writingactivities, Usewritingtoolseffectively, Workinblankbooks Drawpictures, ParticipateinSharedWritingactivities Revisevisualmotoractivities, Use visualandpictorial cues to  makemeaning, Recognizeshortfamiliarwords

Life skills:  Correct use of body in movement, Balance, Following instructions, Participation, Correct use of art supplies , Hand development and function, Following instructions, Complete the project, Correct use of art supplies ,  Eye hand coordination, Washing hands and face, Asks for help, Asks for permission, Relates to friends,

  • Water animals: Body parts, habitat, life cycle
  • Dinosaurs: History, different types, Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores, extinction and fossils
  • Space: Planet earth, solar system, stars, space travel and astronauts.
  • Shadows: My shadow, tracing
    • Summit church visits Via Nova School
  • On Wednesday 17 July 2019 Summit church paid a visit to Via Nova School. The Summit church which is led by Pastor Daniel Jones, visits schools all around the world and Via Nova was just one of the chosen ones, just after they had been to Mozambique. Their aim is to teach learners about the bible in a mimic manner to grab their attention.
  • The opening of the play saw learners laughing their lungs out with the hip hop dance moves from the participants, dancing to an African drum beat. The most interesting part of the show was that the participants use less words and more actions. Judging by the learners’ facial expressions and answering of questions afterwards, it is safe to say that the show was nothing short of edutainment and laughter.
  • At the end of the show, Jacob Cruz who played Jesus, explained that “sin is contagious but so is love, which is why we must chose Jesus because He is love”. He then closed the show with a prayer of forgiveness of sins.

Term three kicks off

July the 9th saw schools reopening and Via Nova followed suit. The junior phase learners were excited to be back after the mid-year school holidays. The curriculum, as always, has some interesting topics to offer to the learners and they are all keen to benefit and be their better selves.

Week 1 & 2

Theme: Good basic healthy habits

Goals: Week 1 & 2

Makesurethatlearners washtheirhandsafterbeingtothetoilet.Learnerscanmakesignsfortheschooltoilethelpingotherstoalsoremembertherules.


Learners bounce a ball with both hands, bounce on their left/right.

Learners bounce a ball with one hand.

Learners bounce a ball against the wall.

Teacher revises healthy habit of clean hands.

Teacher demonstrates how to create a germ monster using different shapes.

Learners create “happy” teeth and a toothbrush

Learners create their own chef’s hat.


Week 3, 4 & 5

Theme: Plants and seeds


Indicate what a seed is

Indicate how plants look like – roots, stem, leaves, flowers

Explain similarities and differences

Know where seeds come from Know what plants need to grow

Experience growing a plant from a seed – such as a bean or a lentil


Week 6 & 7

Theme: Fruits


Identify the different fruits.- Apple/Banana/Grapes/ Pear/Peach/Pineapple/ Orange/Lemon/Apricot/ Plum

Know that fruit is healthy

Recognise the taste of fruits and know the shape and colour


Week 8, 9 & 10

Theme: Vegetables


Identify the different vegetables: Carrot/Cabbage/Beans/Potato/ Pumpkin/Onion/Beetroot/Peas/ Sweet potato/Butternut/Cauliflower/

Know the shape and colour of the different vegetables.


Term 3 has come upon us faster than we realised, and we are looking forward to a term filled with loads of fun and great learning opportunities.

This term our themes are:

  • Public safety
  • Pollution
  • Space
  • Fruit and vegetables

The goals that we need to reach are as follows:

Aims for Language: Week  1-2

  • Recognise signs that warn us of danger
  • Point out poisonous and inflammable substances
  • Listen to stories, songs and rhymes
  • Revise consonant digraphs at beginning of words: sh; ch; th; wh.
  • Handwriting exercises

Aims for Language: Week  3-5

  • Participate in discussions
  • Indicate what pollution is and what effects it has on people
  • Understand punctuation (. , ?)
  • Write words with correct spacing and letter size
  • Form numerals 1-40 correctly.

Aims for Language: Week  6-7

  • Discuss what earth looks like
  • Identify stars and planets
  • Discuss space travels
  • Match pictures and words that belong together
  • Read books with 3 to 4 short sentences
  • Write at least two sentences about a picture

Aims for Language: Week  8-9

  • Listen to stories, answer and ask questions
  • Identify and name fruit and vegetables
  • Understand why we have to eat healthy
  • Know how to prepare vegetables and fruits
  • How to preserve and store them safely
  • Clean up where you worked
  • Match pictures and words using puzzles
  • Teach plurals using pictures and word cards

Aims for Maths: Week  1-2

  • Count up to 150
  • Count forwards and backwards 0-150
  • Name the number before and after a given number
  • Repeat addition of 10’s ; 5’s and 2’s
  • Addition and subtraction up to 80
  • Calendar work
  • Collect and sort data on the theme
  • Identify number symbols 1-100
  • Position of an object e.g. top, bottom, front, back
  • Recognise and name 2d shapes

Aims for Maths: Week  3-4

  • Identify, recognise and read number symbols 1-100
  • Write number symbols 1-30
  • Order numbers from biggest to smallest and other way around
  • Recognise place value of 2 digit numbers from 10-80
  • Passing of time: Order regular event from their own lives
  • Recognise and name 3D objects in the classroom
  • Order regular events from their own lives.
  • Describe, compare and order numbers 1-40
  • Informal measuring: long, short, tall

Aims for Maths: Week  5-6

  • Decompose two digit numbers into tens and units
  • Solve word problems in context
  • Look at a informal map – position and directions
  • Position objects in a line from first to twentieth
  • Compare and order the volume of commercially packaged objects

Aims for Maths: Week  7-8

  • Multiply numbers 1 -10 by 2 and 5
  • Collect data on the theme and represent it in a pictograph them to make a whole.
  • Repeat addition of 10’s ; 5’s and 2’s
  • Recognise and identify coins and notes. play money

Aims for Maths: Week  9-10

  • Fractions – equal sharing
  • Introduce formal measuring – gram and kg
  • Measure own mass in kg and measure different items

Aims for Life Skills: Week  1-2

  • Public Safety – Indicate dangerous places to play
  • Know rules when using public safety
  • Recognise electricity and know the dangers of it
  • Point out poisonous and inflammable substances
  • Recognise signs that warns us of danger

Aims for Life Skills: Week  3-4

  • Pollution
  • Indicate what pollution is
  • Name differtent types – water; land and air
  • Explain effects of pollution on people and the environment

Aims for Life Skills: Week  6-7

  • Identify stars and planets
  • Indicate earth from space
  • Space travels

Aims for Life Skills: Week  8-9

  • Identify and name fruit and vegetables
  • Understand why we have to eat healthy
  • Know how to prepare, preserve and store fruit and vegetables

We are sure that this term will be filled with loads of different learning opportunities and fun filled days.


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